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It’s Cocktail O’Clock! Color Wow Cocktails hair range finally comes to the UAE


With the mission to make the world a safer place for colour- treated hair, Color Wow has launched their Color Wow Cocktails which are leave in ‘Bionic Tonic Supplements’ for coloured hair in the UAE.

Because chemicals in hair dyes and colours are notorious “evil-doers” that infiltrate healthy hair and corrupt the vital internal and external bonds that keep hair thick, supple and strong.It is critical to “intervene” with a Cocktail (ideally, every time after you shampoo and condition) to give hair a supplemental, bond-building boost. The “secret agents” in Color Wow Cocktails help to strengthen, thicken and renew elasticity.

These leave-in supplements come in three variations, Kale Cocktail, Coconut Cocktail and Carb Cocktail. Each one is designed to counteract different hair problem and should be applied and left in after using a shampoo and conditioner to rehab your color treated hair with a potent bionic boost to restore strengths and reduce breakage of hair.

Kale Cocktail- AED 180Color Wow_ Kale Cocktail_ AED 180
Colour processing breaks down hair’s natural, internal cysteine bonds which give each strand strength and resilience. This mega-force “bionic tonic” with sulphur-rich sea kale helps relink and reinforce hair’s vital internal bonds. Loaded with protein-building Amino Acids plus B Vitamins, this strand- strengthening super-power detangles and has been clinically proven to reduce breakage by over 50% after one single application. Helps guard hair against UV ray damage.

Coconut Cocktail- AED 180
The natural, outer “lubricating film” that keeps your hair moist, mobile and manageable is stripped away during colour processing. This super-powered cocktail mimicks the lost lubricating layer with a precision blend of fattyColor Wow_ Coconut Cocktail_ AED 180 acids and emollients. Deep penetrating Coconut Oil hydrates deep within the cortex, improving strength and flexibility. Instantly transforms dry, unresponsive, dehydrated hair into fluidly-silky, supple strands.

Carb Cocktail- AED 180
This cocktail adds a precision blend of corn starch, cellulose and oat bran to thicken strand girth and expand hair mass. Quinoa and keratin protein fortify and deliver visibly heftier, healthier-looking hair with a smooth, glossy surface. Like starch-based “sizing” (used when ironing clothing to add substance to flimsy, limp fabrics), Carb Cocktail is activated and amplified when hair is heat-styled. The result is exceptionally full body and style-holding stamina, without stiffness or stickiness

All ColorWOW products areavailable for purchase from Bloomingdales Dubai Mall, Harvey Nichols Mall of Emirates, House of Fraser Yas Mall and online on the Beauty Solutions Website. For more information, please visit


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