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Energize your beauty with the EnergyJet


Bionix Body Designers is set to deliver on another break-through in revolution, this time for non-surgical face-lifts, scar remodeling and skin regeneration in EnergyJet.

EnergyJet, an innovative dermal remodeling system that uses kinetic energy, delivers on treatment that revitalizes age and damaged skin. The treatment have been proven safe for all skin types, can be done for all year round and gives immediate and visible results as well as long lasting effects. bpa-energyjet-001

“EnergyJet is a unique cutting edge technology that restores long lasting beauty instantly. The treatment is completely safe and non-surgical, furthermore it is very safe, especially for people with darker skin tone as EnergyJet is not laser and does not require heat or radio-frequency energy, who would otherwise be prone to hyperpigmentation,” said S.L Paul, Managing Director, Bionix Body Designers.

EnergyJet is the perfect remedy for those that are dissatisfied with the appearance of their wrinkles, especially cheek and perioral. Other candidates that are troubled with droopiness of the brow, cheek, jaw or neck, as well as patients with acne scars, stretch marks, pigmentation issues such as melisma or hyperpigmentation can use the EnergyJet treatment for great and instant results.

“The procedure is needle-free providing our customers a minimal downtime and lasting results for treatments like face-lifting and deep skin tightening. EnergyJet is a revolutionary break-through in dermatology and we are excited to showcase this new innovation to the residence and visitors of UAE,” concluded S.L Paul.

This incredible Non-surgical No Needle minimal downtime Face lifting treatment with Deep Skin Tightening and Long Lasting Results called the energy Jet uses JVR technology to lift and tighten loose skin.

Through the Energyjet device, pneumatically accelerated molecules of Hyaluronic Acid are infused in to the skin along the anchor points of forehead and Jaw. These accelerated molecules break in to Nano Particles and further volumize by absorbing water. The Hyaluronic Acid molecules penetrate the Skin like tiny bullets. At each point, skin regenerates itself and there is dermal thickening and tightening, which further leads to natural contraction of skin and henceforth face lifting. bpa-energyjet-results

After skin analysis the physician can recommend the number of sessions required. Each session gives very
long term results as we are literally regenerating the skin by Collagen Induction and Hydration by Hyaluronic Acid. The number of sessions required would depend on the skin condition. For younger skin 1 session would be sufficient whereas for more aged skin 4 sessions would be enough.

EnergyJet will be distributed through Spectronix Trading L.L.C. please visit and or


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