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The Expansion and Rise of Salon Business in UAE


In the last decade or so, thanks to the overwhelming influence of celebrity and social media, as well as the constancy of air-brushed images, people have become increasingly conscious of how they look and they strive to always have perfect hair, skin and nails. This has meant that rather than a luxury, salon treatments have become a lifestyle necessity and this has driven salon business to soaring heights and increased profitability.

The rise of celebrity stylists and their easy-to-access presence on social media where they detail their latest experimental looks has ensured that there are always new trends to follow in the industry and as most clients are Social Media savvy, they are always eager to experiment with the latest looks that their favourite celebrity stylist is promoting. For instance, who would have believed ten years ago that pastel colours such as grey, pink and blue would have become such a prevalent look in the industry?

This constant experimentation, in particular with hair colour, has meant that products need to be designed to maintain hair’s health and with the emergence of innovations such as INNOluxe, Olaplex and Smartbond, clients understand that they can experiment with their hair without compromising its health, which means more salon visits to achieve – and maintain – their desired trend-led look.

Incidentally, this health trend has also translated to nails and facial products with a strong focus on maintaining healthy skin and nails and the development of treatments such as Essie Gel and Oxygenating facials to ensure this.

Once established, there are several steps you can take to grow your salon business and to sustain its success.

It is vital to have a clear and steadfast idea when it comes to your budgeting and staffing. Make sure that you employ people that are highly-qualified in their specialism and who are the epitome of professional as this will minimize staffing issues. Continuous education is very important both to ensure you meet clients’ constant and changing demands and to fulfill the educational needs of your staff, which will encourage their loyalty to you and your salon. I believe strongly in this. If you motivate your team and allow each person to fulfill their potential, they will be happy, which in turn will impart a positive atmosphere in your salon and the client will feel this during their visit and always experience a positive and consistent client journey. This will ensure that your service is so fabulous that the client always wants to return, which will lead to high client retention percentages and a steady salon income.

Courtesy, Rukhsar Malik, Pastels Salon

Images: Eideal


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