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Haysam Eid of Eideal Trading on his success and strategy on the development of his brands


EIDEAL is the leading provider of premium hair products and tools across the MENA region.

The brand combines innovative technology with contemporary design to produce a range that has fast become a sensation in both retail and in salons.EIDEAL HQ

The EIDEAL range was born through a necessity for high-quality tools that produce professional results. The founder Haysam Eid, a former hairstylist, was driven to create a range of products that would set the standard for those in the industry. Since its inception, EIDEAL has been growing at a substantial pace, thanks to its founder’s constant search for idealism and a distinctive ability to provide the professionals with the best quality tools for their salons.

We have Haysam Eid, Managing Director of Eideal Trading speaking to us on various aspects;

  1. a) What has been your strategy whilst developing salon awareness for your products?

HE:  In order to develop salon awareness for our products and brands, we usually stick first and foremost to training. Awareness is very much linked to whether the hairstylist is familiar with the product, comfortable to use it which will later allow him/her to further talk about the product to his/her client and even to other people in the industry. This is exactly why we consider training as our top-priority which will later be followed by Marketing Support to be the cherry on top and add to this awareness.

  1. b) Which is your latest collection and which is the #1 bestseller that has inspired salons? Why?

HE: We do not follow the logic of releasing collections but rather we try to provide the market with what is missing and what the hairstylist and the end-consumer are looking for. For instance, we recently launched one single product which is our Geenie Flat Iron. When we did that, we felt that the market needed a smart flat-iron that the hairstylist can rely on when it comes not only to performance but also to the quality and smart features which will eventually deliver outstanding end-results. This strategy that we have been following ever-since EIDEAL’s inception proved to be effective especially with the Geenie flat-iron being our Best Seller ever-since we launched it.

  1. c) What is your view on education and training post sales?EIDEAL HQ 2

HE: Training is a crucial aspect of our client-journey and it is the first thing that we tackle and provide them with after sales. Our Salon-Partners highly appreciate that since it helps them become much more familiar with the product which enhances their experience with the products which will later be portrayed on the end result and service that they are providing their clients with.

  1. d) What is your initiative while acquisition for products?

HE: When it comes to our own brand EIDEAL, we never compromise on the quality of the tools and the innovative technology that the feature. It also goes without saying that we pay great attention to the details that go into the packaging and the branding.

With regards to the brands that we carry under our umbrella, they must be ones with a great reputation, outstanding performance and values that we relate to and believe in. For instance, we just added Davines, the renowned Italian Hair Care to our portfolio. It is a prestigious brand, very well known for its unique concept based on Sustainable Beauty and products that deliver exceptional results that are beautifully packaged.

Both our brand and product acquisition are based on the same pillars which are quality, design and performance; three main factor that we will never forego.

  1. e) What are your future plans?

HE: Our future plans are mainly focused on expanding our channels of distribution. Our aim is for EIDEAL and the brands that we distribute to grow and be present in the entire region and not only in the UAE and Lebanon. We currently cover India, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar and the list will soon to be longer hopefully. With Davines added to our Portfolio, our main focus would be to introduce it to Salons that really believe in while simultaneously creating a need for the end-consumer to ask for it and pick-up with its vision which is based on Sustainable Beauty.

Haysam Eid, a professional hairstylist and thriving entrepreneur, sits today at the head of his own company, EIDEAL.

Specializing in the manufacture and sale of products to professional hair salons, the EIDEAL range was inspired by Haysam’s first-hand experience in the industry. After training at the globally renowned hairstyling academy, TONI&GUY, London, and shining as the only hair stylist in the Middle East to have completed the prestigious L’Oreal Professional Color Specialist Degree in 2006, Haysam Eid then majoredEIDEAL HQ 5 in Business Management where he learned to combine his artistic and creative sense with his entrepreneurial flair and business acumen.

EIDEAL offers a vast selection of Hair Dryers, Straightening Irons, Curling Irons, Hair Clippers, Hair Brushes, Scissors and many other hair related accessories. These products are made from the highest quality materials, obtained from a range of natural sources including our Ceramic Brush, infused with tourmaline gems, and our Geenie Flat Iron, the first flat iron to have germanium coated plating.


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