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Introducing Jez Barnett, Founder of Kerastraight & INNOluxe talking about his latest innovations and achievements


Kerastraight- A British company, launched in 2009, that produces innovative hair repairing treatments and products.  An award-winning KS Ultimate treatment that repairs and straightens hair at the same time, they have quick-fix 30-day treatments, luxurious supporting shampoos and conditioners and a small range of highly innovative styling products.With Trevor Sorbie MBE as the Global Ambassador, they lead the way in providing sensational treatments and products that deliver client delight as well as significant business to salons.18836396_10213398871468474_882677200_o

Innoluxe- INNOluxe’s new collaborative (and stand alone) treatment rebuilds the inner structure of the hair, reinforcing, rebuilding and strengthening the hair inside and out. INNOluxe creates amazing freedom, providing stylists and colourists with an additional creative solution to achieve even more striking results for their clients with the reassurance that the hair will be stronger after the process.

Here is some direct views from Jez Barnett;

  1. a) What have been your latest innovations?

JB: Our most recent innovations have come in our 2nd brand INNOluxe which is transforming the way hairdressers are colouring hair; INNOluxe repairs the hair during the colouring process, even with bleach. INNOluxe can also be used with perms, chemical straighteners, keratin services (including KeraStraight) and as a stand-alone treatment.

We launched a new process for our KeraStraight KS Ultimate treatment this year, which delivers greater straightening for more resistant hair types. Perfect for the difficult hair types and hot and humid conditions in Dubai and neighboring countries.

  1. b) What has been the effort of the company for developing the brands through their distributor in Middle East?

JB: We’ve a fantastic close relationship with Rapid General Trading, our Distributor in Dubai. I receive great feedback from not only their technical and sales teams, but as they work so closely with their salons, I get to hear from the hairdressers themselves via our local Brand manager, the awesome Lucy Parry. This proved very helpful when testing the new Xtra step.

  1. c) How often do you introduce new variants? Which are the recent ones?

JB: Generally we launch updated treatments every 2 years and find an advanced way to deliver more from the treatment the following year. This is only possible by us receiving really constructive feedback from our Distributors and Salons.

  1. d) What has been your strategy for education & training?18789598_10213398872708505_1093955961_o

JB: I have regular Skype calls with our Distributors and visit many of our countries to share our knowledge and understanding with their sales and technical teams. The brand managers then lead the local sales and technical teams to ensure everyone has the same information. This year we launched our online education, which comprises of a KeraStraight Treatments Course and Exam. This course focuses on both our Intense Boost and KS Ultimate Treatments and there is an 85% pass mark for the exam. This has proven really popular with our salons with many insisting that all their team are certified to be able to deliver the greatest results to their clients. Some hairdressers have not passed first time, but that’s not an issue as they can retake the exam, which ensures they really take onboard the information, as they have had to work a little harder to achieve the pass. It’s always wonderful to see when hairdressers pass, especially when they achieve 100%.

  1. e) How do you connect with consumers for the demand and formulation of new products?

JB: Our treatments and products fix very old problems and as an ex-hairdresser I have many years of experience on what issues clients have with their hair. I’ve been fortunate to work with every type and texture of hair, but most client issues are the same…dry, damaged, weak, too curly, frizzy, unruly, suffers from humidity, takes too long or wants to grow their hair.

My team and I speak with our Distributors and Salons every day, so we’re forever hearing feedback on how our hairdressers are delighting their clients with the results our treatments and products are delivering. We are also always listening and asking to learn what our customers want from us going forwards.

There’s also the fantastic Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so we’re also contacted and tagged in on salons posts to see their amazing transformations.

  1. f) Has there been any recent development in terms of brands at your company?

JB: Watch this space…We’re shooting a new collection in July with the amazing Trevor Sorbie Art Team, led by the uber talented Art Director Tom Connell. We’ve handed over the complete shoot from concept to delivery and asked Tom to create a collection that reflects our brand, the amazing results our treatments and innovative styling products deliver but in a completely fresh and inspiring way. We receive the most amazing feedback, so we’re looking for this new collection to represent our amazing innovations and life-changing results in a very exciting and new way.


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