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Introducing MediHeel by South African Spa brand Elim


**The revolutionary new Pedicure Procedure from Elim that will change the way you think about foot care**

Elim Spa Products are set to change the way you think about the traditional pedicure experience forever. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, the Elim Spa product range is the latest innovative new line to launch in the United Arab Emirates. The brand has exported its products worldwide for over ten years and excitingly makes its debut across the region this month.

Whilst the Middle Eastern beauty industry has seen several recent innovations in products and technology across facial skincare, beauty and haircare, not many breakthroughs have occurred for hands and feet – that is, until Elim Spa Products stepped in to change the traditional manicure and pedicure for the better.Elim_Foot_Exfoliator-highresolution.jpg

With regular pedicures generally relying on filing and blading the skin, Elim’s MediHeel pedicure chemically breaks down protein bonds in the skin to remove dead skin cells, leaving a smoother foot than the more traditional pedicures leave.

Elim looked at the traditional way of treating cracked heels while doing pedicures and changed the sequence as well as adding in additional procedures and products of their own that would guarantee better results. Their pedicure is judged by two elements; the condition of the heels 2 days after a pedicure, and the quality of polish. Although Elim do not manufacture nail polish, they ensure the preparation of the nail bed is up to standard so that polish will go the distance and last longer.

Introducing the MediHeel 6 Step Programme:

Callus Removal Kit (AED 242)

The Callus Removal Kit comes with the MediHeel Tonic and Neutraliser. To begin the MediHeel pedicure, dead skin is removed by a chemical process in one single application.  This is completely safe and not absorbed into the bloodstream. Next is the Neutraliser which is then applied with a single application on a wet cloth to gently neutralise the chemicals in the MediHeel Tonic, restoring the PH balance of the skin and preventing any infection.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Exfoliator (AED 182)

Foot scrubs are now obsolete with Elim’s Alpha Hydroxy Acid Exfoliator containing wax beads. This exfoliator is left on the feet for 5 minutes after massaging it into the skin and also acts as a cuticle remover. With its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives, the exfoliator replaces a foot soak by leaving the feet completely fresh and clean. It is also designed to reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing on the feet.Elim_MediHeel_RejuvinatingGoldSpritz_AED126

Spa Additive (AED 112)

Elim’s Spa Additive is an intense pedicure treatment used to hydrate the feet. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients sanitise and soften the feet gently, while a Eucalyptus and Rosemary infusion help to boost circulation.

Foot Perfector Heel Balm (AED 168)

With its unique moisture lock system, this Foot Perfector contains a range of vitamins and oils to nourish and protect the feet. Shea Butter, Urea and Honey have been added to offer super hydration while collagen plumps up fine wrinkles and improves the general appearance of the feet. It also contains Vitamin E and Pro B and the gel to powder technology ensures a slip-free, non-oily experience after application.

Rejuvenating Gold Spritz (AED 126)

Finish your MediHeel treatment with a touch of glamour! Spritz the legs and feet with this rejuvenating gold spritz – the perfect finish to a pedicure. This spritz can also be used daily to add glamour to your feet and legs. Containing fine gold particles suspended in sumptuous Dolce & Gabbana signature perfumed oil, this spritz not only makes your skin look fantastic but delivers on moisture too, leaving you with the most supple and sleek pins in town.

Elim Spa treatments are available at Bedashing and Joe Raad with more outlets to be announced soon. Prices start at AED 80-100 for Callus Removal only when added to another service and the full salon treatment costs AED 250.  Retail sized products also available to purchase to create a similar experience from the comfort of your own home.

As sandal season is every day for the majority of us, keeping our feet looking their best is a necessity. Be astounded by the results Elim offer, they simply do all the hard work, leaving you with no hard skin.

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