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Nadia Ivanova Briggs- a multi-faceted entrepreneur and social & charity worker


Nadia Ivanova Briggs

Founder of The Cure Beauty Spa, Nadia Ivanova Briggs  brings with her a fantastic business acumen, along with a great heart shown through the charity and social work she does with her Charitable fund in Russia and running the “Russian Mums in Dubai”. Nadia is also a mother of one son aged 3.

The Cure Beauty Spa was founded 13 years ago in 2003 and has gone on to have a real cult following and a reputation as one of the best places for facials in Dubai. The Cure shows how hard work pays off through every little detail unique to Nadia’s touch. It is more than a beauty spa and a business; it is an inspiration. It is a place where people develop and learn, where they are encouraged to dream and aspire to better things. As simplistic as it sounds, Nadia’s true goal is to bring more beauty and joy into people’s lives, to create and develop something worthwhile.

From Russia to Dubai, we are sure the journey is an interesting one. What brought you to Dubai?

I came here 20 years ago. Young, full of myself and invincible in my own mind. I wanted to build an independent life, find my own success, independently of that of my father’s and Dubai seemed far enough from Russia for that. Plus, Dubai was warm and safe. It fit my criteria perfectly.

What was the motivation behind opening The Cure Beauty Spa? 

Before setting up The Cure I worked for British American Tobacco. The Department of Global Travel Retail where I worked was redistributed between our main office in Switzerland and the domestic office in Dubai. Our office in DAFZA simply ceased to exist. It felt like the end of the world at the time. I did not know what to do, where to go – to clutch at a straw or to start over, anew. Then one day ever so quietly and unsure I voiced an idea of my own business  to Richard, then my partner. I had had a business in Russia, but here seemed a different world. He said “Yes, absolutely, you should do it”. That gave me so much strength and confidence, that I started working on business plans the next day. A nail spa was only one of the ideas I had for my personal business. The simplest and easiest one, as I thought at the time.

It has been 13 years now in Dubai, how has the journey been?

It has been a beautiful journey. Bumpy at times of course too, but over the years I have learned not to let the occasional decline bring me down or change my trajectory. Ultimately, I know where I want to be and I have an idea of how to get there.

What do you feel is missing in the UAE beauty industry?

Associations, information and support groups, platforms for sharing resources, best practices and such.

How do you train and update your team with the latest methods? bpa-nails-at-the-cure-a

We have internal structures for training new and old staff; we continuously study the market looking for industry innovations, new and interesting brands, who often provide fabulous training with the purchase of their products and sometimes we outsource training.

How many branches do you have and what are the plans for expansion?

We have 2 branches in the UAE right now and we are looking to expand in 2017-2018.

What is your inspiration, any role model?

Is it terrible that I don’t have a role model? I get inspired by so much. Mostly, by beauty in nature and music and in people, by creativity and internal peace.

Tell us about your Charitable fund in Russia and the “Russian Mums in Dubai” group?

Again, these are too big to cover in one question. The Fund is called ‘Colibri’ and it was officially set up last year, though our team has been working on the same project since 2011. Our main goal is to decrease ‘social orphan-hood’ and build a future with more educated parents and happy families. ‘Mums’ is a group a set up over two years ago. It started as a Facebook group and has grown into a small community with new  friendships and opportunities, meetings, education, networking and lots of fun for mums and kids.
Tell us about your favorite brands. What brands you prefer to use in your spa?

I am an OPI girl and always have been. There are a few brands and innovations that come in every now and again into my life, but nothing ever really makes my nails happier than the good old Malaga Wine from OPI. Though recently I discovered a new nail polish brand, which I am growing to like more and more, and so are our clients. It is called Love Your Nails. They have stunning colours and the polish seems to stay on a long time. It is made in France and originates in the hearts and minds of our fellow Dubaians. I love to support creativity and courage in the people around me.

In skincare, I have been after Babor products for a while and am so pleased they finally have them in Dubai and we are launching Babor facials this summer.

I love Nimue for their peels and micro-needling mesotherapy. That with the lifting cocktail is probably my favourite facial treatment.

For hair, we have noticed that different nationalities prefer different brands and we stock L’Oreal , Wella, Redken and Paul Mitchel. My personal most recent favorite is Olaplaex. It really does work wonders.

Now that you have a child, how do you manage your business and personal life?

He goes to a fantastic Russian-English nursery and they do a fabulous job which makes mine a lot easier. I also have a great support team at home. Having people I can rely on allows me to focus on what I do when I am at work and be productive and efficient. My time with my son is the highlight of my day, it is sacred.


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