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DETOX DELIGHT BEAUTY WATER: Healthy Skincare to drink


From today true beauty comes from the bottle – with our first Skincare drink:

The refreshingly tart, rosé newcomer from the JUICE DELIGHT series with hibiscus flowers and Schisandra berries makes your skin shine form the inside. Scented Organic rosewater together with Aloe Vera ensures an extra dose of moisture – for a complexion which can can also be seen without make-up.

The secret to beautiful skin

Our largest organ, the skin, is a true all-rounder: It protects the body from invaders, conditions it, keeps dangerous UV rays away and constantly regenerates and repairs itself. 

One thing is certain: A glowing complexion, smooth skin and youthful looks are not just genetic. Our lifestyle – frequent sunbathing, nicotine, little sleep – and especially our diet determines 70-80 percent of our skin image. In particular, a nutrient-poor diet with a lot of fast food, processed products and sweets can be quickly read on your face.

True beauty comes from within

An unhealthy lifestyle makes our complexion sallow, our pores become larger, resulting in impurities and this is the cause of premature skin aging. So, anyone who wants to maintain a youthful radiant complexion as long as possible, should not only focus on high-tech cosmetics, but also enjoy a bit of extra nutrients from within. The skin aging process cant be stopped, but can be slowed down significantly.

Introducing the Juice Delight Beauty Water Box

Whether as a lighter kickstart drink in the morning, as an afternoon refreshment or after workout, the DETOX DELIGHT BEAUTY WATER is not only the perfect companion for every Cleanse program, but an ideal low-calorie, yet skin-pampering thirst quencher for in between.

Detox Delight Beauty Water is now available across the UAE in a pack of 6 x 500ml bottles, each containing 
Hibiscus Flowers, Schisandra Berry, Rose Water, Aloe Vera & Lime.  The pack costs 
AED 150 with free delivery in Dubai. Better still, during the months of December and January, buy one water pack and get one free by entering the code “Beauty” at online checkout. 

Originating from Germany, Detox Delight brings the best in German Quality with products handmade from the finest ingredients sourced locally from Greenheart Organic Farms and are 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, unpasteurized and without any artificial additives.

More than a juicing company, Detox Delight also offer Wedding Detox, Charcoal Beauty Shots, Flex Pack, Ramadan Delight and many other healthy options. For more information or to order your Ice Popsicles or detox programme today call 04 338 3565 or visit

Buy One Get One Free on all water packs during December and January.


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