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Brush Size Matters for a Salon Worthy Blowout in the Comfort of your Own Home


Believe it or not, the shape and size of the hairbrush that you use plays a major part in the outcome of your at-home blow out. Who wants flat, limp locks after you have taken the time to meticulously wash and condition your hair? With a little Hershesons know-how and the right tools, you can swish your salon worthy locks like a pro, with not so much as a sore arm and tangled strand in sight.

Not only do the award winning range of Hershesons hairbrushes work miracles with their static reducing properties and the ability to detangle the most tangled of tresses, they look amazing! With a high-shine white gloss finish, these tools really do look the part and are a welcome addition to any fashionista’s dressing table.

Mixed Bristle Oval Brush – AED 195 bpa-hershesons_mixedbristleovalbrush_aed195
Every tool kit needs a classic oval bristle brush. The mixed bristle oval cushioned brush from Hershesons is the perfect styling tool for all hair types. Designed for daily brushing, this brush comes highly recommended for maintaining clip in hair extensions as well as natural hair. It combines porcupine, boar and ionic nylon pins to help protect the scalp and gently de-tangles all hair types.

Top Tip: Use before bedtime and when you get up in the morning to create glossy-looking locks. Start at the bottom and work your way to the root to prevent split ends.

Ceramic Ion Brush – Medium – AED 195
These ceramic ion brushes are the secret to Hershesons famously fast blow drying. With a ceramic barrel to distribute heat evenly, the bristles are nano mineral coated to protect the scalp, minimise split ends and boost volume and shine. This Ceramic Ion Brush is 33mm in diameter and is best suited for mid-length hair. With its inbuilt ability to banish frizz and amp up enviably smooth dynamic volume, it’s no wonder that this multitasking brush is a favourite among all the top beauty editors. All ceramic ion brushes are anti-static and anti-bacterial, with a built-in deodorising function. Perfect for tangle free hair, with a lustrous, conditioned feel.

Top Tip: To create a structured style with volume and wave, begin at the nape of the neck and, with a rolling motion, move to the sides of the head, finishing at the top. To give extra hold, leave the brush in the hair for 10 seconds, allowing it to cool down.

Ceramic Ion Brush – Large – AED 195 bpa-hershesons_ceramicionbrush3_aed195
Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to long, lush locks. This Ceramic Ion Brush is 43mm in diameter and best suited for longer hair types. Hershesons have taken the hard work out of styling those lengths with this award-winning brush that beats all others hands down. Create mild volume with a silky smooth finish using this ceramic ion brush. Nano mineral-coated bristles protect the scalp and minimise split ends to protect the hair whilst styling. This brush is also anti-static and anti-bacterial with an inbuilt ability to banish frizz. The ceramic barrel distributes heat evenly for tangle-free, fast and professional styling.

Top Tip: Straighten out the curliest hair textures to give a smooth shiny look. Beginning at the roots, place the brush close to the scalp and, with a firm motion, gently pull the brush down the hair. Attach a nozzle to your hairdryer and direct the hot air downwards in order to close the outer cuticle of the hair. To create wave and volume in long hair, a large metal brush works by heating the hair like a hot brush. Wrap sections of the hair around the brush and hold for between 10 and 20 seconds. Release the hair and spritz it with a holding spray. The result will be bouncy curls.

UK celebrity hairdressers Hershesons believe that with the right tools and tricks, every woman can create cool, current styles at home.

Luke Hersheson, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Hershesons, travels the globe shooting with the world’s top models and getting A-list celebrities red carpet ready. Finally revealing the secrets of his kit bag, Hershesons hair apothecary is a pioneering range of hair-must haves that are used every day by Luke and his team in the salon, on shoots and at shows.

Hershesons products are available exclusively at Sephora across the GCC and from Sash Spa in Bahrain. Online purchases can be made from and


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