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Introducing Filorga Eyes-Absolute


The ultimate anti-aging eyecare is now available in the UAE

High performing French skincare brand, Filorga has launched Filorga Eyes-Absolute in the UAE. Eyes-Absolute® is inspired by medical techniques and enhanced by Cryotherapy to effectively target all signs of ageing in one single product.

It is common knowledge that not all cosmetic treatments that target eye concerns meet expectations. According to a study conducted by Filorga in partnership with IFOP*, only 7% of women state that products currently available on the market manage to reduce signs of fatigue and the appearance of wrinkles, shadows and puffiness below the eyes. For heavy eyelids, the figure is worse, only 2% of women said they were satisfied with the ability of their existing regime to reduce the appearance of heavy eyelids.

Because of this study, Filorga presents a true gem of technology – eye care incorporating the best of medicine-like active ingredients for 6-in-1 action boosted by an innovative cryo-active effect.

ABSOLUTE ANTI-AGEING [ WRINKLES + EYELIDS] Botox Effect + Cosmetic Lift  eyes-absolute-details

  • Botox-like active ingredient with powerful relaxing action
  • Facelift plant duo

Results: A dermal restructuring complex for long-term action.


  • Stimulating meso effect + tear trough filler
  • Detoxifying and decongestant trio (peptides + metalloproteins and carcinine)

Results: Effective on all types of dark circles (hollow, brown, purple) + puffiness.

BEAUTIFICATION OF THE EYES [ EYELASHES + RADIANCE] Eyelash extension + airbrushed effect

  • Pro-growth duo (peptide + isoflavone) for eyelashes
  • White pearl and light-reflecting particles

Results: A makeup effect without makeup.

The ultimate 6-in-1 eye care with cryo-texture, combined with the best medicine-like active ingredients and precious white pearl extracts, EYES-ABSOLUTE® completes an already established ABSOLUTE routine constituting an exceptional duo which capitalise on pioneering scientific advancements and rare active ingredients: for the day, SKIN ABSOLUTE DAY®, a high-performance rejuvenation cream derived from anti-ageing light therapy that gets its lightening ability by white sapphire; for the evening, SKIN-ABSOLUTE NIGHT®, totally reinitialise the functioning of the skin thanks to the black meteorite powder.

Price : 480 AED.

Available at Bin Sina, Boots, Supercare, Health first pharmacies.


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